Axe SW-40E Spray-Wash Cabinet

    Equipped with:

    • Removable Hot Tank Basket and Lift Bar 
    • Oil Skimmer or Waste Disposal Outlet
    • Wash Cycle Selector
    • Wash/Rinse Cycle Timer
    • Timed Rinse Valve
    • Safety Rinse Switch
    • Thermostat for Optimal Control
    • Forced Air Gas Burner with Spark Ignition
    • Pneumatic Door Latches
    • No Gasket No Leak Door
    • Air Pressure Gauge
    • Moisture Trap
    • Oiler for Door Latches
    • Air Inducer
    • Hot Tank Compartment and Filter Screen
    • 1" Fiberglass with 3.9 "R" Rating Insulation