Our Story

Alderman Automotive Machine was established in 1984. We started out of necessity to support George Alderman's racing team.  As the years went by, people started to notice how well the race engines built by us performed and wanted our engines in their cars.

Today, Alderman's has become a 'state of the art' machine shop, building top-rated engines for competitors, vintage restoration shops, and private owners.

Our shop is made up of 6 employees who want to help you get your engine in the best shape for your chosen application: Paul Alderman, Manager; John McCrea, Shop Foreman; Jim Oppelt, Machinist; Chris Ellis, Machinist; Paul Ferguson, Customer Service; and Hanna Alderman, Office Assistant and Media Manager. Each employee is interested in a top quality product leaving the shop whether it is a complete assembled engine, or a fully machined block or cylinder head.

Our membership in the Automotive Engine Rebuilders Association (AERA) and our history in racing keeps us in touch with the emerging trends in engine design, as well as the latest tricks and secrets in engine machining and building.

Our machining department can help you with all aspects of engine repair and rebuilding right at our facility, from minor maintenance to head replacement or engine removal.

At Alderman's, we believe being racers is our greatest advantage... we know what works and what doesn't, always striving to take you, the customer, to the next level.

We look forward to helping you become successful.

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© 2017 Hanna Cerra Photography

© 2017 Hanna Cerra Photography

1967: The current Alderman Automotive Machine building originally was the Parts, Sales, and Service building of the Alderman Datsun dealership